360° Feedback Programs

May 10, 2016

Many clients rely on us year after year to provide a comprehensive 360-degree feedback program for specific teams or cross-functional cohorts. We’ve worked with senior leadership teams of 5 people as well as cross-functional cohorts of 60 leaders based in multiple countries. We administer these programs with a validated and researched 360-degree tool, or with a customized tool that reflects the client’s competency set.

What You Can Expect

  • A careful review of the goals and objectives of the program.
  • Complete confidentiality with off-site administration.
  • Support with selecting the right tool for the cohort/team.
  • Advice on creating a customized tool from a library of researched competencies.
  • Expert debriefs with each participant, either in person or by phone, with follow-on coaching or creation of a development plan.
  • A group profile report that highlights the strengths and gaps of the team/cohort.
  • A lead coach who will plan and direct the process including the design of participant communications, coordination of the coaching team, and management of the third party vendor.