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About 3D Leadership Group

3D Leadership Group is a boutique executive coaching firm based in Boston, MA with a team of seasoned and certified business coaches. In 2007, Angie O’Donnell and Sue Williamson co-founded the firm after meeting one another in the Babson MBA program where they spent a summer together working in Zurich, Switzerland. Their deep friendship combined with their personal experience as daughters of entrepreneurial parents, led them to dream about launching their own business and leveraging their success in corporate environments.

Looking back, the vision was to create a coaching practice that went beyond helping leaders reach their annual performance goals. There was so much more to leadership than that – the human need to realize our potential, have autonomy in our lives, create work environments where others can thrive, and invest energy in well-being. And what about fun and community building? Yes, that matters too, especially in today’s never ending crush of emails, texts, and social media notifications, leaders need a dedicated space for reflection that coaching provides.

After Sue’s retirement, Angie has continued to build and refine 3D Leadership Group and we’re proud of our multi-year certification as “Women Owned”. We value the diversity of our client companies and the long-term relationships we’ve cultivated over many years. Our reputation for delivering a high touch, high impact experience is our north star, whether in our Prism Women’s Development Program, a leadership workshop, or a one-to-one coaching partnership.

If you’re wondering about the symbolism of the three trees in our logo, they represent our holistic view of the “3D’s” necessary to evolve as a leader: Develop Self, Develop Others and Develop the Business. This is what is meant by leadership acumen and we integrate the 3D’s into all of our developmental offerings.

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