Our Story

May 2, 2016

3D Leadership Group Partners Angie O'Donnell and Sue WilliamsonIt all started with Switzerland. We met back in 1990 as evening students at Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. We were two hopeful MBA’s, waiting with great anticipation to hear from the program director about where we’d been placed for our summer international internships. Angie got placed in Zurich with Coutts Private Bank, and Sue with Jacobs Suchard (think Swiss Chocolate), also in Zurich.  We quickly established a deep friendship that evolved into a business partnership when we formed 3D Leadership Group in 2007.

Remember 2007-2008? Not exactly an ideal business environment for launching a boutique executive coaching firm with the “financial meltdown” heavy upon us. But we were excited, determined and fortunate to have a robust network of companies and colleagues who knew and trusted us. Being friends helped us during those difficult early years when we kept asking: Why did we give up our J-O-B to do this?

In retrospect, it’s all very clear now. We had a vision of a coaching practice that did more than just help people reach their performance goals; we wanted to help people develop their whole person and enhance their well-being at work. In today’s never ending crush of email, texts, tweets and social media, we feel even more strongly that leaders require space for the self-reflection that coaching catalyzes.

What’s unique about us? Mostly, our team; not a far flung, loose confederation of coaches, but instead a tight knit community of like-minded practitioners who are perpetual learners. Our approaches and philosophies are similar, our training is rigorous, and we believe that the coaching profession needs to keep a high bar in order to remain relevant and credible.

Lastly, did we mention that we like to have fun? Our team has been known to sing and play music, host book club dinners, attend interesting retreats and create our own team cocktails. We think this is a reflection of a business that is supported by friendship, community building, and lots of mutual respect for one another.

The integration of work, play and friendships is a rare blend and we’re glad we took the plunge back in 2007.