Team Coaching

May 2, 2016

Not Your Average Team

The leader of the future has already made the transition from “me” to “we” and has witnessed the extraordinary outcomes of a high performing team versus the average team. They know that a team of smart people does not always equal a smart team. And they understand that a superior team must focus on both results and relationships in an intentional way.


Our certified team coaches will customize a team coaching program that includes coaching for the team leader, regular team observation and just-in-time team feedback. We work with senior leadership teams, cross-functional task forces, and action learning teams to help them move from being a working group to a real team. Team coaching usually begins with an anonymous team self-assessment which provides a baseline for identifying key priorities for team development and team leadership.

What You Can Expect

  • An initial team diagnostic using the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey.
  • A half-day off-site with the team to debrief the team feedback and make an action plan.
  • Follow-on team coaching for 3-6 months that will include team observation, team leader support and coaching of individual team members.
  • Specific skill building sessions that build team EQ.