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Our cohort-based workshops build both skills and peer communities

“I will study and get ready and then maybe the chance will come.”

– Abraham Lincoln


We take an experiential approach to leader development by creating a “practice field” in our workshops for peer sharing and skill building around frameworks and models. Each workshop series has a dedicated coach/facilitator who encourages the cohort to learn from one another and share their personal best practices.

We deliver workshops virtually and they can be customized for in-person or hybrid environments. The cohort size is from 8-16 participants, and ideally is a group of near peers. Most workshops are 2 hours with a short break and require about 15 minutes of pre-work. Our clients tell us that the best cadence is to offer workshops every 2 weeks so that there’s time for integration and real practice.

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Leadership Curriculum

  • Manager Essentials (6 workshops)
  • EQ Essentials (3 workshops)
  • Developing Presence (3 workshops or full day in-person)
  • Leading Teams (3 workshops)

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